Custom Development

Corporate Montage can add intelligence to existing CAD  packages through custom programming, thereby giving you a complete package tailored to your work processes. We will take a “out-of-the-box”  product to a higher level giving increased productivity.

Corporate Montage’s team of programmers can write programs and application in ALL MicroStation programming languages, from user commands to MDLs to Visual Basic. Custom development and programming will increase the productivity, making your design more accurate, more effective and reduce time to completion. Corporate Montage can develop tools for MicroStation and customise our suite of products to meet your specific requirements.  Save time and money by automating your repetitive tasks!


Our development service takes four simple steps:

Analysis – Understanding what the application is required for and inputs to the work process.

Design – The application will be designed to meet your specific needs based on analysis.

Testing – Thorough testing of the  application will be conducted to ensure it produces the expected results.

Implementation – We’ll ensure it is implemented correctly in your office, provide quick training to get you started and provide support for the application.

Benefit from a tailored and productive environment. Our customisation service can meet your needs, whether they are small modifications or larger scale customisations. Many organisations have found tailoring a product to their needs saves time, increases productivity and provides higher efficiency.

Work smarter. Work faster. Make it work for you.