Altiva Licence Server

Altiva Licence Server (ALS) provides pooled licensing for flexibility of your investment in Altiva Software products. (With a minimum purchase) Licenses will no longer be “node-locked” to particular machines, but instead can be shared among a large number of client machines. Also known as concurrent licensing, the ALS management software allows customers to purchase a number of licenses equal to the largest number of users likely to be active at a given time, rather than the total number of users in the environment. Giving your organization the ability to both lower the total cost of ownership and increase the value of your investment in CADconform software.

ALS has a client-server methodology. The Altiva Licence Server is installed on a server machine which thenserves licenses to client machines as they request them. Both the server and the client machine communicate to each other using the standard Internet TCP/IP protocol. For this communication to occur, each machine must have this protocol installed and configured. This is a standard Windows component that is installed as part of the Operating System.

The ALS service is a standard Windows service. This means that the application runs in the background all of the time, whether or not the ALS main dialog is displayed. In addition, the service is set to automatically start when Windows itself starts up. Therefore once installed and started, the ALS service will continue to operate without the need for administration.

ALS is a privilege provided for maintenance customers owning a set minimum of licenses. Contact your Altiva Software Sales Representative for further information.