With ControlCAD, Altiva Software’s latest software tool, management now has control to instantly verify that the project conforms to the specifications requested.

ControlCAD is a simple and powerful suite that allows management to have control by specifying, deploying and finally monitoring the CAD design work flow. At the time of receiving deliverables, ControlCAD automates the process of checking and neatly produces a status of the project, in a graphical, easy to read interface.

A Typical Workflow:

  • Consultants design and draft CAD files
  • Design files go through Check/Fix process according to CAD standard
  • Electronic, tamper-proof seal on each CAD file proves its compliance
  • Digital signature is applied to each CAD or PDF file
  • PDF file is created
  • CAD files are indexed to attach all required attributes
  • Management reports are automatically generated
  • Files are packed into an archive
  • Archive automatically uploaded into document management system