CADconform provides a fast, reliable, affordable way to promote and enforce 100% conformance to CAD standards. It is a software add-on that becomes a seamless part of the native AutoCAD and MicroStation environments.

CADconform is the only solution that provides a Complete Standards System for CAD, a defined, repeatable process that ensures your drawings will conform 100% to your CAD standards. There’s no guessing – the process ensures the result.

Seamless between AutoCAD and MicroStation
Most drafting groups use both these drafting tools, so CADconform was designed to work seamlessly with both. Because data is stored in a common, shared repository, standards created or updated using CADConform from one drafting tool are always available in both AutoCAD and MicroStation.

Easily import, create, and maintain standards
CADconform lets you import your existing standards from virtually any electronic format including databases, spreadsheets, word processing files, text files, and more. You don’t have standards in an electronic format? CADconform can create standards from an existing drawing. CADconform lets you develop new standards, and modify and maintain your entire set of standards, to the x levels of detail.

Full control over access to standards
With CADconform, CAD administrators can provide or limit access to standards. Whether employees or contractors, onsite or at remote locations, drafters access the same standards, but only those needed for their particular discipline or project.

Easy–to–use drafting tools
CADconform provides logical, easy-to-use drafting menus based on standards. Drafters like and understand these menus, so they use them. Applying CAD standards becomes a transparent part of the drafting process.

Check/Fix feature for fast conformance
With CADconform, enforcement of standards is as easy as spell–check in a word processor. The Check/Fix feature locates each non–conforming element in a drawing, then recommends standard elements for correction and conformance, and makes the correction when the drafter selects the element.

Tamper–proof electronic seal
CADconform is the only solution offering a tamper–proof electronic seal, assuring 100% conformance to your standards, data integrity and user confidence.
After a drawing is checked and fixed, CADconform assigns a tamper-proof electronic seal. (The seal can be most any design or logo.) Once the drawing is sealed, if it is opened and changed without being re–checked, the seal is “broken”, indicating the drawing must be re-checked.

Real–time, interactive management reports
In seconds, produce reports showing the current conformance status of hundreds or thousands of drawings. On screen reports let you drill down on conformance issues of specific drawings.

Superior technology and architecture
Like any other system, a DMS is only as good as the data in it. CADconform ensures the data integrity of the drawings in your system, helping you get the maximum ROI from your document management investment.CADconform uses an open, web–based repository to store standards, making it very flexible. The same standards database is shared by both AutoCAD and MicroStation. CADconform also features superior architecture that by design is very light on the network. Standards repositories can either be stored directly on the workstation or accessed over a network. For individual users, network installs only ping the repository at startup and download any new standards to the local workstation.

Easy integration with document management systems
CADconform integrates easily with your existing document management system, helping to ensure the data integrity of drawings in that system.