Having established a corporate CAD environment owner/operators want to make that environment available to all of the external designers creating data for their company. CADconform is a very efficient way of distributing and managing CAD standards internally; so the challenge is how to easily distribute the CAD environment to external consultants so they can share the corporate CAD environment?

DeployCAD was developed by Altiva Software as a fully automated utility that enables organizations to deploy and quickly install drafting resources and CAD standards (a corporate CAD environment), to external consultants.

Once established to meet the owner/operators requirements, DeployCAD is designed to be managed and updated by the owner/operators. So as resources evolve/change over time (e.g. cell/block libraries, border sheets, fonts, new features, utilities) then Altiva Software need not be contacted. Of course should assistance be required we would be pleased to provide it. (Note: For some clients we manage their entire corporate CAD environment including DeployCAD)

In its simplest form DeployCAD is configured to automate the process of installing (from a CD or downloaded from a web site) all of the resources needed to establish the correct Corporate CAD environment. In addition to this it is possible to add a CADconform database that contains all the drafting standards and tools. If consultants have CADconform then in a matter of minutes they will have been able to fully replicate the corporate CAD environment, with the added bonus of having the ability to draft, check/ fix and watermark against the CAD standard. If consultants do not own CADconform, at the very least they will have been able to establish the corporate CAD environment correctly and easily.