Section: CADconform User Manager

Setting up a watermark cell – BHP

Import the approved company logo (if applicable) and watermark cells into your (by default) C:\BHPBIO CAD Build v8.2\BHPBIO Shared Resources\cell\Project Cells.cel library. Open the file C:\BHPBIO CADBuild v8.2\BHPBIO Shared Resources\cell\Project Cells.cel in Microstation and go to the Models dialog. Click the Import Models button and import the approved cells into […]

Resetting the User Manager password file

First off, try logging in to CADconform using the username/password – admin/admin. Second, you can reset the user manager by deleting the file …CADconform\Users\cadconform.pwl. Next time you open Autocad it will let you know that there are no users for CADconform setup and it will ask you to create a […]